Acceptable Forms of Identification for Notary Services

  • State-issued driver's license
  • State-issued identification card
  • U.S. passport issued by the U.S. Department of State
  • U.S. military ID
  • State, county and local government IDs
  • Permanent resident card, or "green card," issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • Foreign passport*
  • Driver's license officially issued in Mexico or Canada*

  • *Only in some states.

    Generally speaking, Social Security cards, birth or marriage certificates, credit cards, school IDs, library cards and temporary driver's licenses are not acceptable forms of ID for notarization purposes.

    Notary Act

    Notary Public service fee is for the performance of an original notarial act. This also includes an Official Record Recording Fee. Notary Service Fee is required for ALL transactions. A Notarial Act is for 1 set of documents (known as the original in #'d pages in a package) that require the Notary's Seal and/or Signature. Any documents not part of the package set and requires seal and/or signature is subject to the service fee.

    $4.00 per act

    Notarized Copies

    Notarized Copy service fee is for the performance of certifying and notarizing a copy of an original notarial act. This also includes an Official Record Recording Fee. Notarized Copy Fee is required for ALL transactions. If there are additional copies of the document set "Original" Notarial Act that require the seal and/or signature, including documents not part of the document set, Fees apply.

    $4.00 per act

    Additional Signature

    Additional signatures are for each individual required to sign the Notarial Act.

    This fee includes the Official Recording Fee for each additional signature. Person or persons must have a valid ID to record transaction.

    $1.00 Each

    Urgent Services

    Urgent Services fee is for the request of a Notarial Act in a emergency time frame of within 2 hours of time of request.

    This fee is incurred when the Notary Public must drop all business at time of urgent request to travel and perform services.


    Travel Fee

    A Travel Fee for travel required for the performance of a notarial act. This is calculated from Notary Public's current location to the client's meet up location for the notarial act. Google Maps is the preferred mapping gps to calculate time and distance from both locations. The Notary Public will only travel up to 25 miles from the starting point location Annapolis, 21403.

    $4.00 Plus $.31 per mile

    After Hours Fee

    The Notary Public's business hours are subject to change, however any requests for services after 10pm each day is considered After Hours.

    This fee is incurred when services are requested after 10pm.

    If the request is scheduled before 10pm, the fee is not charged.

    $15.00 per act

    Our Public Notaries

    We service Anne Arundel County, parts of Howard and Prince Georges County.

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